November 5, 2021

Chameleon Presents at Solebury Trout Fall Private Company Showcase 2021

Berkeley biotech is making progress in the world of AAV gene therapies

Genine Winslow, CEO and Founder of Chameleon Biosciences, was invited to present at the 8th Annual Virtual Solebury Trout Fall Private Company Showcase. This selective, annual showcase highlights new and emerging biotechs. Ms. Winslow shared exciting preclinical data on Chameleon’s proprietary next generation AAV-based vectors which are designed to overcome the immune response related challenges of current AAV gene therapies. 

Key Slides:

Current AAV Gene Therapy Has Immune Related Limitations
EVADER(TM) "Stealth" AAV Vectors: Treats more patients, more types of diseases (layer diagram)